The Propelr Project

Thanks to everyone that helped us prove that Propelr works!

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What Propelr Does?

The Mission

Propelrs Objective

is to further Causes by aligning The People with The Resources.

The People

  • Propelrs

    A Propelr creates an intention to further a larger cause.

  • Fuelers

    A Fueller contributes resources to further a larger cause.

  • Callers

    A Caller creates a personal cause and requests support.

The Resources

  • Money

    A monetary contribution to further the stated intention of the cause (e.g. cash, community dollars, bitcoin, etc.).

  • Mind

    An offer of intellectual know-how connected to further the stated intention of the cause (e.g. project guidance, general mentorship, etc.).

  • Muscle

    An offer of physical assistance or action to further the stated intention of the cause (e.g. dig a hole, move boxes, picket, fly overseas, etc).

Our Learning

What We Learned


People will publicly declare their cause(s)

People will request assistance in fulfilling an action in-line with the cause


People will offer their money, their minds and their muscle to fulfill an action in-line with a Propelr's cause

*The Propelr concept was formed and validated using Lean Methodology in an intensive environment provided by The Lean Startup Machine, between 8pm Friday, April 26th and 10pm Saturday, April 27th (26 hours). The website was created, and the proof was obtained between 10pm Saturday, April 27th and 3pm Sunday, April 28th (17 hours).

Our Proof

What we demonstrated**:

** This stated validation was obtained in 4 hours, from 11am to 3pm, Sunday, April 28th.

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